Canadian Genomics Cloud

Canadian leaders in cloud computing, sequencing, software, security, and privacy have come together to deliver the most advanced public cloud platform for genomics and precision medicine in Canada.

What is the Canadian Genomics Cloud?

The Canadian Genomic Cloud is an integrated platform to manage, analyze and share genome sequence and clinical data. This public cloud computing platform, the first of its kind in Canada, gives every scientist in the country unfettered access to award-winning technology empowering precision medicine and other applications in genome research.

By building infrastructure that better shares data, tools, and compute resources nationally, we stand to vastly increase the value of each genome sequenced and the power for those data to drive new insights that will help improve and save the lives of people affected by genetic diseases.

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Why does it matter?

There is an enormous and timely opportunity for Canada to implement a national precision medicine initiative that will deliver breakthrough discoveries and safer, more effective, and cost-efficient treatments for millions of people affected by genetic diseases in Canada and around the world.

The Canadian Genomic Cloud enables scientists to bypass hurdles they face when doing their research. Too often, the best ideas are never explored because the infrastructure they need is too expensive, technical, or time consuming for them to build themselves. 


  • Sequencer Integration
    Securely stream genomics (including FASTQ, BAM, VCF) data directly from high-throughput sequencers into the platform and automate analyses.
  • Storage
    High-volume, encrypted storage for any data type. Data redundancy and disaster recovery by default, optional cost-efficient archival options.
  • Bioinformatics
    Execute any workflow defined in WDL at virtually any scale. Dynamically deploy pipelines across tens of thousands of available compute cores.
  • Machine Learning
    Deploy the latest machine learning models on hardware accelerated Tensor Processing Units (TPUs).
  • Data Sharing
    Share data privately between invited collaborators, widely across a research community, or publicly over industry standard protocols like GA4GH Beacon and Matchmaker.
  • Visualization
    Explore genomics data interactively through an integrated genome browser and other visualization tools.
  • Multiple Interfaces
    Interact with the platform through a web browser, or programmatically via software libraries and command line interfaces.
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Coming Soon

  • EHR Integration
    Connect to clinical records through major EHR systems, including Canada’s leading providers.
  • Collaboratories
    Seamlessly link together data and tools from multiple organizations.
  • Hybrid Cloud
    Store, analyze, and share datasets between multiple cloud platforms, powered by interoperable and industry standard APIs.

Who is involved?​

The Canadian Genomics Cloud brings together leaders in genomics, sequencing, cloud computing, software, security, and policy from public and private sectors with a common mission to develop a robust technical platform to enable large-scale genomics and precision medicine initiatives in Canada. Collaborators are expected to have a presence in Canada, agree to the Canadian Genomics Cloud principles, and make a strong commitment to support Canadian genomics initiatives.

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